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About Health Coaching

Following your lead, I will work with your values and current lifestyle, so your healthy habits are enjoyable and sustainable. Together, we can tackle your lack of energy or motivation, improve your eating habits, or get you moving more. We can also look at improving your sleep hygiene or stress management if these are problem areas for you.

I use an evidence-based approach, which means I stay up to date with the latest health research and bring proven techniques and accurate information to our coaching sessions.

Health coaching is future-focused, and I am here to support you as you move towards your goals. I will provide you with encouragement and accountability as you find your inner strength. I want to empower you to take charge of your health - be bold, be brave, be Mighty!

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About me

I have always enjoyed an active lifestyle, but once I had kids, I had difficulty prioritising my health among all my other responsibilities. I struggled with lack of sleep and neglected to properly manage my diet and physical fitness. With gradual lifestyle and mindset adjustments, I regained control of my health and improved my life.

I am keen to help women who have decided that they are ready to put some energy into improving their health. I would love to share my knowledge and skills to help you (and maybe even your family) achieve your health goals.

Jaime Rendell


PreKure Certified Health Coach
Masters student, Psychology - Massey University
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology - University of Guelph
Diploma of Sport - AIAS
ACE Certified Personal Trainer

My Values

Integrity & Honesty

I believe in speaking from the heart and “walking the walk” and I hope my clients do the same. I am not affiliated with any brands, and I will not try to sell you any products. I will not endorse or recommend anything that I have not researched or attempted myself.

Passion & Commitment

I am passionate about helping you to live the mighty healthy life you deserve - I have built my life around it! Helping you achieve your goals is my goal, and I am fully committed to my clients. I hope my clients will fully commit to the process to see what they can achieve.

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Balance & Practicality

I believe in taking a balanced and practical approach to health and achieving your goals. If your exercise or meal plans aren’t practical for your life, then they won’t be sustainable. A balanced plan may include some downtime or birthday cake in addition to regularly moving and eating well.

Curiosity & Continual Improvement

I use my curious nature to learn about you and to stay up to date in my knowledge. I encourage you to be curious about yourself and different approaches to health to see what feels and works best for you. There is always more to learn!